The Ultimate Guide For Your Perfect Health

perfect health

Perfect health denotes, if one is healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If a person is able to accomplish all functions of the body without any problem then he should think, he is sound and healthy and keeps perfect health. Amongst all the functions of the body, the digestive system and the excretory system come at the top. If these two systems are working properly and in coordination then rest other systems will be working perfectly and one will enjoy their perfect health and will increase their efficiency in all the activities.

A healthy person satisfies their real hunger only with the natural diet to maintain perfect health, their system itself demands it. With this kind of natural diet, digestion goes on very quietly and smoothly without any discomfort and requirement of any stimulating drinks. On sensing thirst, one should urge to have only plain water, not the soft drinks or cocktails. If it is happening so, then this is not a good sign of perfect health and also indicates that the body is facing some problem internally.

So, it is now very clear that natural diet leads to good digestion this leads to perfect health. This ultimately will have a wonderful excretory system and if these two things are having good tuning with each other, then cent percent one will have perfect health because the body needs a balanced amount of carbohydrates, fats,  proteins, vitamins, minerals and water for its growth, repair and defensive mechanism.

How to be our own doctor

Our body has wonderful coordination with each other and any alteration internally immediately gets reflected in one or the other form.

Few facts are illustrated here for perfect health and to make one understand about the problem and one can work over it.

The skin should be odorless, moisturized and non-sticky, the appropriate amount of hair at the proper places. Baldness is an indication of a sick body. This shows one is not keeping perfect health and one has to switch over immediately to a natural diet.

The urine excreted out by normal person should be transparent yellow, if it is transparent then this indicates that the person has consumed too much water, pale yellow shows one is healthy and hydrated, dark yellow normal but needs to drink more water, brownish orange gives the sign dehydration or a possible sign of liver disease, pinkish red possibly a sign of kidney disease, urinary tract infection or tumor, blue indicates a rare genetic disease and foamy yellow a sign of kidney disease.

perfect health


A healthy person’s lungs function properly. Normally one breathes with the help of nostrils. Air enters the body through nostrils which are its natural filters. Breathing through the mouth is a sign of an unhealthy body. So, one has to work on his breathing grounds.

If one is too tired then body gives an indication of rest and eventually sleeps. In a healthy state, sleep is deep and peaceful.

A healthy person lives lively, happy and self-satisfied on waking up. On the other hand, an unhealthy person appears lazy and irritated.

In addition to the above parameters, a healthy person’s face is always charming, glowing and enduring. All these facts, one can judge by oneself or self-examining without undergoing any tests.

“Natural Diet Leads to Perfect Health”