Yoga or Gym – Which One is best for Losing Belly Fat?


With increasing number of people suffering from obesity new and innovative ways have come up to keep a check on your belly and also burn the calories. Sauna belts, dieting, green teas, shape gainers, etc aren’t new if you have tried any of them. But by far exercise and Yoga seems to be very much efficient and more of a safe means for cutting down the belly fat.

losing belly fat

We will discuss whether it is quiet stances of Yoga or strenuous exercises in the gym that is more effective in losing belly fat.

The process of losing weight is simple burn more than you take in your body. Talking about exercises you do in gym. Right exercises can help burn a major amount of calories from your body. We suggest doing Aerobic exercises as they are most effective in burning down calories. Although there are a number of exercises that can help you burn that extra pound from your tummy it is always best to try those exercises that are less strenuous and are easy on the body. In this way you can get a good head start and then follow around with more straight ones.


Comparing Yoga exercise it is estimated that 30 minutes of hatha Yoga is able to burn down about 85 calories of fat while the same person who is performing moderate to intense exercise is able to burn 126 to 340 calories of fat through running, cycling, etc. well if you are into the aerobic thing you sure are going to lose a lot of pounds since they have after burn effect in which you lose calories to a point your body restores its pace.

Yoga on the other hand cannot be considered as a fast fat burner although it can help you relate with your body in a better way. Accompanied with better nutritional choice and a balanced diet Yoga can be very much beneficial in the long run. Its best to say Yoga provides more of a deep mind to body relation and helps you to lower your stress levels while exercises can burn a huge amount of fat thereby promoting healthy cardio vascular process and increasing the overall stamina and strength of the body.

You can always rely on Yoga at times of stress and it relieves us from fatigue. Moreover, they improve our muscles flexibility. Yoga helps us to maintain a spiritual and healthy balance between our mind and body. Moreover, exercise can be the very much open calorie centered serve. It aims at burning the calories rigorously.

From the above discussion we cannot give verdict in the favor of neither Yoga nor the Gym but we are sure about one thing that a person who combines Yoga and does exercise combined will be the most at benefit. Also taking balanced diet and keeping a check on weight can be the most ideal method of reducing weight and gaining a better figure.