5 Reasons, Why Modi Government Is Leading 2019 Lok Sabha Elections!

5 Reasons

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has taken care of the interests of all citizens of the country. This year he has started several new government schemes and many beneficial facilities have been provided for the following needy families, as in this budget many important decisions have been taken by the Modi government including a total rebate of tax of Rs 5 lakhs.

1. Aggressive Strategy on Rafael’s Issue.

This year, Opposition parties have tried very hard to defeat the Modi government over Rafael’s issue, but Narendra Modi has given the answer to the opposition in the same way. Not only this, Rahul Gandhi has given a lot of hot air to the slogan ‘Chokidaar Chor hai’, again the BJP government did not give up on that. Though, Supreme Court had made Rahul Gandhi to apologize Narendra Modi on this issue.

2. Modi Government Tarted many Schemes like Ujjwala plan and Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.

One of the biggest reasons why Modi government is leading Lok sabha elections 2019 is that Modi government has started many beneficial schemes for the farmers and women of the country. One of them is Ujjwala scheme in which all the poor families have been provided free gas connection facility and all the farmers of the country will be getting 6 thousand rupees per year in the same Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. Under the same rural area sanitation campaign, toilets have also been constructed.

3. Nationalism

The entire country is very happy with the historic decision taken against terrorism by the Modi government. The Modi government has given a tight slap to terrorism. Not only this, Narendra Modi also appealed to vote in the name of martyrs of his country during his own rally. There has been a lot of emphasis on the issue of terrorisim and air strikes in this election campaign.

4. Inflation

The Modi Government has put a stop to rising inflation in the last 5 years of its tenure. The black market is beginning to tighten its screws In the country like India.

5. No substitute

There is no substitute of Modi this time, there is no face in front of Prime Minister Modi who can challenge him directly in the Lok Sabha Elections. Not only that, Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi has completely failed to compete Modi even after pairing up with the other opposition parties.

There are many more reasons why people are supporting Modi government and voted more for the Modi government! There are more reasons, why Modi government is leading 2019 Lok sabha elections.