Major Reasons Behind The Fire In Amazon Rainforest: Here Is The List Of Species Living In The Forest

fire in Amazon Rainforest

The news of fire in Amazon Rainforest for more than three weeks has alarmed everyone because people were earlier ignorant of the disaster that is taking place in the largest rainforest of the planet. When everyone was busy in political, religious, and personal lives, Amazon Rainforest was suffering natural wrath, as the lives of innumerable identified and unidentified species are at threat including some of the ENDANGERED and THREATENED species including The South American Tapir, Giant Otters, Uakari Monkey, Hyacinth Macaw, and so on.

The fire in Amazon Rainforest is something to be concerned about, more than any other issue, because Amazon being the largest rainforest, works as the lungs of the planet, and saving Amazon should be the topmost priority of all nations. Nations can continue fighting for domestic and international disputes after the planet is free from the threat of destruction.

Major Causes of Fire in Amazon Rainforest?

The NASA Satellites captured the images of smoke coming from the Brazilian Amazon and found out that the fire has taken a dreadful shape and the smoke has caused a day blackout around the day. The situation became alarming when the fire did not stop for more than three weeks. Forest fires are usually natural and extinguish on its own, but this year, the data records some 72,000 fires which are way more than the historical records.

The reason for continuous fires is believed to be the changing global climate along with the human activities taking place in Amazon. The Brazilians living nearby used fire to clear the forest land for their livelihood, and hence the story begins.

Is Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Responsible for the Fire?

Some of the environmentalists even blame the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro as he encourages these people to clear the land. The Amazon Rainforest has been self-sufficient for a long time and could cease the fire as it had been fire-resistant due to the natural moisture, but the clearing of trees has caused drought in the forests and thus lead to the dreadful situation.

The Fire in Amazon Rainforest has not only affecting human life and environmental cycle, but the lives of more than millions of animals and birds are under threat as the most prominent rainforest is home to a vast number of species. Many of them have already died, and the remaining ones are still struggling with their lives. Let us have a look at the specific animals found in the Amazon Rainforest


Jaguar is one of the most famous animals because of the spotted body which helps them hide, and catch their prey. They are one of the most beautiful and powerful beasts that are mostly found in the Amazon Forests. The name is taken from the American word Jaguar which is introduced to someone who can kill in a single leap.

Vampire Bat

It is the common Vampire Bat, and is one among the three species of bat that live solely on blood. The Vampire Bat is mostly found in the Amazon region of Brazil, and is seen attacking the village people who visit the forest for natural resources. Belonging to the species of Bats, only mammal who can fly” the Vampire Bat always live in groups of atleast 100 animals. According to the survey, a colony of 100 bats can suck the blood from 25 cows.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

It is one of the most aggressive and venomous spiders found in the world. It has the potential to severely impact human beings. It is also known as armed spider or banana spider. It belongs to the Phoneutria genus meaning murderess. Its bite not only can affect human health, but might lead to their death, if not injected with antivenin on time.

Amazonian Giant Centipede

The largest centipedes of the world can be 30cm long and are only found in the South American and Caribbean islands. The can only survive in moisture, and that is why they live in the soil. The can eat anything to them to survive. They are poisonous, and that is what helps them in killing big animals. They feed on insects, tarantulas, lizards, etc. They can also crawl to the ceilings of the caves where bat lives, and attack the horrible species for food.

Bullet Ant

The scientific name for the species is ParaponeraClavata but is commonly known as the Bullet Ant because it has the most painful sting which is usually compared to a bullet shot. Yes! Having a bullet shot on you, or a sting of bullet Ant would cause the same pain. The bullet ant mostly found in the rainforests and is least to be concerned about because they do not fall in the category of endangered species.

Green anaconda

It is the largest as well the heaviest snake found in earth, and is non-venomous in nature. The Green Anaconda is found in South America, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. All the snakes of belonging to the category have an olive green colour with black blotches. The scientific name of green anaconda is EunectesMurinus and is mostly found in the swamps and marshes of Amazon Forests.

The Amazon Rainforest as I told you is the largest forest of the planet and covers some 35.5% of the South American continent. The Amazon Basin is located in multiple countries including Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Ecuador, and Peru.