“To Experience The Modern College Life, I took Delhi Metro Today”: PM Modi’s Visit To DU

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the valedictory session of the centenary celebrations of Delhi University on June 30th 2023. He delivered a speech in which he highlighted the university’s contributions to Indian society and culture. He also spoke about the importance of education in nation-building.

As Delhi University completed its 100 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi initially greets education minister Dharmendra Pradhan, DU’s vice chancellor Yogesh singh, professors and students.

He also speaks about the world of Delhi University and defines how becoming a part of the college world is crucial for every student. PM also talks about social media and how it affects college friendships. University’s memories, nostalgia and experiencing modern college life are some reasons why the PM took Delhi metro to reach the celebration venue. He also mentioned his interaction with youngsters in Delhi metro.

The Prime Minister said that Delhi University is a “symbol of national pride” and that it has “played a key role in shaping the destiny of India”. He recalled that many of the country’s leaders, including Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Manmohan Singh, had studied at Delhi University.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the importance of education in nation-building. He said that education is the “key to progress” and that it is essential for “building a strong and prosperous India”. He urged the students to “embrace education” and to “use their knowledge to make a difference in the world”.

The valedictory session was attended by a large number of students, faculty members, and alumni of Delhi University. It was a fitting tribute to the university’s 100 years of service to the nation.