According to the survey which was conducted in March 2017, The Hindustan times has reported the success of the Delhi’s AAP sarkar’s undeterred promise to its citizens since the time it has come to power, i.e. to curb the CORRUPTION!

The survey was conducted by the LocalCircles, a community social media platform by asking the views to the local communities on the performance of the Aam Aadmi Party. Of the 20,000 people who were asked for their views, there were 45,000 responses. Of the total votes, 66% were from the males and the rest from the females.

The result was proven to be shown as a success of the AAP government in achieving a positive light in the various key sectors like healthcare, education, drinking water supply, power tariff and most importantly in the evil CORRUPTION.

It is learnt that the Delhites solemnly believe that there has been a reduction in the corruption to an extent. Apart from this, they have also witnessed that the government school facilities have been improved, water and electricity bills have faced a reduction and Mohalla clinics have provided the healthcare facilities to the poor.

“Of the total respondents, 61% said they did not need to pay a bribe to get their work done. Only 19% said that they had paid a bribe, with 20% citizens choosing not to answer the question,” said Yatish Rajawat, Chief Strategy Officer, LocalCircles.

Again regarding the water crisis, about 41% of them said, it has improves. 44% said that it has been the same it was before two years while 15% claimed that it has gotten worse.

Asking of the power supply, 38% exclaimed that it has got better in their residential colonies, 48% feel no change while 14% retorted that it has gone worse.

Now, speaking of one of the important and one really concerning health issue, many people feel that the government has done nothing so as to provide their ease to do business and nor has it taken a stern control over the most sensitive issue concerning the health hazard i.e. AIR POLLUTION.

Despite one of the most unique decisions made in history i.e. odd-even scheme and the plan to make Connaught place, a vehicle-free zone, majority of the citizens do not seem satisfied with the intangible efforts made. Only a little of 13% citizens seem to be praising the government for the changes made, 23% of them seem dissatisfied due to the government’s poor practical implementation of their plans and a whopping 63% of the population claimed it poor.

Be it whatever! I do not deny the fact that the appraisal from just 13% is really less, but I am glad of the fact that the government has taken the pain to make improvements which are seen in scanty amounts but are atleast seen!

Hope to see more percentage of the people next year, applauding AAP for its efforts to make the capital city a better place!!

Well done AAP!!