Viewers Should Know Their Rights before Planning To Watch Movie in Cinema Hall

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A recent update came from an RTI (Right to Information) query, filed by a Hyderabad-based anti-corruption activist Vijay Gopal. Hyderabad police have revealed that multiplexes cannot prohibit movie-goers from carrying their own food and water bottles inside the cinema hall.  If it happens, then, as a matter of fact, a movie-goer can even file a complaint with the Legal Metrology Department for them to check if any laws have indeed been violated, as per The News Minute.

This matter of clarification came into highlights as a reply to an RTI, according to the Cinema Regulation Act of 1955, there are no laws restricting the moviegoers to go inside the theatre with their own food packets. However, in spite of this law, customers are often not allowed from carrying food inside the hall referring to security reasons.

But when the case was filed by anti-corruption activist Vijay Gopal, the facts became clear and the police have also revealed that customers can carry their food packets, water bottle with them in the Cinema Hall, provided the garbage should not be spilled around in the hall and cleanliness should be maintained.

Viewers can also carry their own 3D glasses to a single-screen theatre, and the theatre owners cannot charge extra from them for providing 3D glasses. Some multiplexes, the police added, can charge extra for providing 3D glasses as per government regulations. If it is charged extra then a person can also submit a complaint to the legal metrology department, as no bills or receipts are given for the overhead charges.

❍ Details of the case filed by Vijay Gopal

Interesting, when Vijay Gopal was charged extra on water bottles then he had filed a complaint with the Hyderabad Consumer Forum, after the hearing of RTI case, INOX multiplex was asked to pay him Rs 6000 for collecting an extra charge on the water bottles and also directed INOX to discontinue the unfair trade practice, the forum had also assured that there cannot be two different MRPs (Maximum Retail Price) on the same product.

Most of the people ignore all these small things, but one should be aware of the existing laws.

            “One Should Be Always Alert and Vigilant”

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