9 things that happen when you are the only “single one” in your group!


Everyone around us today are blissfully involved in various tie-ups be it a committed relationship or just a hookup. Amongst them, there are also a few who are completely devoid of such a TOGETHER world and have forged a SINGLE cosmos for them which comprises self-movie watching, self-dating, self-outing and everything with a SELF-ladened prefix to it, including their lives!

Here are nine things that happen when you are the only single one in your group!

1.     Your friends rather your best friends will become a two-unit entity and the worst part is you have to share them!

2.     Day and night, time and again, all you get to hear is the monotonous relationship powwows! It feels like you are in one of them with an invisible entity!

3.     The best part is if your friends’ dates are utterly-vetted Rad humans, then you will definitely make tons of new best friends!

4.     Every person teaches you something. So, you are bound to customize lots of habits from your new allies!

5.     There will be people who will constantly ask if you are OK to hang out with the couples. The answer to which will always be “yes, of course” as you have been so accustomed to their “lovey-dovey” bullshits!

6.     The pep talks are always at their brinks when you happen to face that “single-lonely time”, craving, “I wish I had someone too”.

7.     Your friends will never ever forget you, may whatever befall them because they know you are a forever companion irrespective of the seasonal changes of their dates!

8.     You will be the only one to watch the romantic and adult movies all by yourself!

9.     You are bound to become their third, fifth or seventh wheel for some reason or the other and you have to take it!