Five ways to step-up your sex appeal


“Sex appeal is 50% what you have got and 50% what the people think you have got”

All of us must be well aware of the importance of sex appeal that one must always carry in order to haul that irresistible impression of yourself on others. Fair or dusky, healthy or slim, it really doesn’t matter!

All that counts is how well you carry yourself and woo others around you and yes! even without a sexy lingerie!

So here are the five ways in which you can step-up your sex appeal!

Let the body talk

Multifarious books have been jotted down on how to improve your body language but let’s just notch down to the cold fact of it that involves only your eye contact, head and of course your back posture. In order to look more enticing:

1.Remember to make an eye contact during the pivotal moments of conversation.

2.Let your instincts be your vanguard.

3.Always give a little eye contact while giving out a punchline or while stating something eloquently.

4.Keep your back posture straight with your chin marginally angled down to give out a perfect alluring look!

 Trot out that shape

Cutting out the hogwash, the first impression is always by the way you look and dress yourself up! So, desiring to leave an etched impression? Well, then show off those curves and definitely flaunt out your body! Choose the dresses that sheath your body perfectly in a way, so that they highlight the right parts of your body and cover up exactly the right ones!Then walk out in confidence with the ambience swooning all over you!

Fling off the “complaints” out of the window!

No one loves to be around a grumpy, whiny and a fault-finding person. So, when on a date, especially on a blind date, bottle up those lips regarding all the complaints that you possess taking your life be it your bad day at work, your colleague trying to walk off with your deserving credit or your irritating landlord and whatever! Just flaunt that smile and initiate a healthy conversation!

Do something that makes you different!

You can always come up with some new, fun and interesting activities with your partner that will enhance your mental chemistry and in turn, will even forge your bond! This will automatically boost your sex appeal as a good mental connection triggers an irresistible attraction.


In the entire process, the most common trait is just to be you. You want to enhance your sex appeal, do it in a way that makes you comfortable and also hits the bull’s eye at the same time because faking is a big NO, in order to create a long lasting effect!

 Humour, skill, wit, and body is all you require for a compelling sex appeal! So, work on that and then walk out with that unflinching confidence!