How to woo away your boredom and train your mind to accomplish your goals

Create goals

Gaining mastery in anything is a subtle art of perseverance and passion that you must inculcate within you in order to attain your goals. It’s never by chance but by sheer hard work!

The popular music composers are appreciated and acknowledged following their years of ceaseless practice, the writers are famed through their work after years of jotting down their thoughts and developing their imagination and creativity, the athletes win, post their rigorous sweating out day and night on the ground and so on!

But you must be wondering, what is the factor that keeps them etched towards their goals, un-flinched, despite going through the same monotonous routine every day!

The questions like: How do they persist doing the same thing again and again? Aren’t they bored? OMG! How do they do it! are certainly baffled exclamations by you!

The “connoisseurs” are always seen sharing their success stories but very few or actually none reveal the most mandatory factor of how to do, what to do when to do and so on!

It’s of course practically impossible to start developing the likeness towards the activities you find boring or utterly dislike, as when you workout in the gym, after certain days or probably months, you are usually bored  by its invariability and develop the urge to just quit it or do it forcibly akin to the situation in studies or work or relationships and many more. Well, you also know that unless you give your 100%  to any task, you won’t bear any fruits.

So, to do away with your boredom and train your grit in order to accomplish your goals, here are a few ways!

Escalate your competence in the task

To woo away the monotonicity of the tasks always concentrate on the mounting battle, cutting down, focus on the nitty-gritty i.e climb the ladder successively rather than lunging on to it, like for example, in a workout at gym, make small goals like if you have opted for the strength training then, cherish small achievements and acknowledge the improvements made on your body on the daily basis. This will automatically train your mind to focus on the small essential detailing’s that you require in order to finally achieve your goal and will also enhance your perseverance and dedication towards the task.

Love the “end result”

This is always the best aid in order to immediately get motivated and start hustling. Whenever you are bored of the same routine like in a workout then rather than laying your focus on the fact that you have to workout, concentrate on the fact that you do not have to miss a workout, in short, just utterly fall in love with hitting the gym.

Following this, you will see that your focus has been automatically shifted from how you perform?, how will you get six pack abs?, when will you be really fit?, anything but just your love for the gym will remain with you and thus, unknowingly, you will achieve your dream by falling in love with the entire process. Hence, a monotonous habit transformed into a lovable one just by a little training of your mind!

All you require is patience, persistence and commitment to achieve anything in life and also do remember: “Nothing is impossible”