Why is society so partial to women? Why government is not being able to take strict action against evils like rape


Why is society  so partial to women? Why government is not being able to take strict action against evils like rape

“Beauty provokes harassment, the law says, but it looks through men’s eyes when deciding what provokes it.”

Men are born free then why is it that women are shackled in chains right after their birth!The entire society is gaily relying on the irony that despite women being the stronger sex of the society are still considered weak, dependent, are oppressed and also ill-treated! The patriarchal grounds of discrimination has been from the time immemorial.This gender-biased evil practice not only intimidates the dignity, well-being and rights of women but also hampers women’s mental, emotional and physical stability!

The practice of exploiting the women had its trace from the era of the Mahabharata, where Yudhistir staked his wife, Draupadi and lost her to gambling, after which Duryodhan shamelessly commanded his brother, to strip her sari, despite their presence at one of the royal quarters. Lord Krishna however, sanguinely came to her rescue! Phew!

To highlight this grave issue, the most famous cases to have received the world wide attention are:

Bobbitt case: This is an incident of 1993, which involves an American Couple, where SHE completely lost her control over her mind and ended up cleaving her husband’s penis. SHE confessed to having undergone a plethora of torture, where her husband would sexually, physically and emotionally abuse her. He would also flaunt her to adultery and forced her to abort their baby. The horrid case hopefully ended up in her favour, where it was proven that due to her traumatizing experience, it was an impulse cry and not a well-planned intention.

The second one is the famous rape case of Orissa, where SHE was thrown out of her husband’s home, disowned by her parents and also gang-raped in front of her friend in 1999. One of the culprits was also a proud attorney(who ironically fights for the justice in the society). She claimed that her husband tried to prove her insane so that he could divorce her and finally admitted her to a psychiatric nursing home in Rourkela. SHE stayed there for 9 months. The mental illness was neither proved nor disapproved.

Then there comes another devastating evil incident, The Nirbhaya case of 6/12/2012, where a medical student was raped brutally by 6 persons, despite the heavy traffic in the city. SHE was stripped, dug, molested, killed and finally disposed of like some useless piece of waste on the road! The irony is that during this time the Chief Minister of Delhi was a woman yet she could do nothing!

The recent case of Kathua, again never ceased to astound me when I came across the fact that one politician, four policemen and two commoners were involved in brutally gangraping the minor and yet again swaying her off, bidding her a final adieu. SHE was only 8 years old!

These excerpts are not the only brutal ones. There are yet many which either are safely buried or face injustice.How can a country become free from such a loser attitude when the people engaged in the jurisdiction are themselves involved in such practice??

Money has certainly proven to be the actual power that really turns a blind eye to the right and wrong! Besides how can the country become rape free where the one in power proudly claims that “Rape is sometimes right and sometimes wrong”. Not only this there are people who prefer restricting the girl’s freedom rather than inculcating some sense of duty into the boys!

Even though constant efforts are put by the government in order to curb this poison by installing of the toilets in the rural area, where women allege becoming the prey to these lust filled monsters who attempt to rape. Also, various rules in favour of the women are constantly been made, initiation of the women taxi and helpline numbers in case of any emergencies etc. But just ponder of how can a country cleanse when the ones responsible for the justice are themselves crying shame!

SHE who is the bearer of the next generation, a mother, a daughter, a homemaker, a caretaker, the one who plays the most vital role in forming the society is herself ruined and exploited to the level of shame by the people whose existence is sheerly worthless without SHE, WHO IS BARBAROUSLY RAPED!

Its a pure shame!