The Indian cricket team had a great run at the ICC World Cup 2019. Rohit Sharma created history by scoring 5 consecutive centuries. Also, Virat Kohli proved what a great captain and player he is. However, the campaign ended in an unfortunate fashion for the Indian cricket team and after coming back to India, the reports of a rift between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma started to pick up the pace.

Virat Kohli is the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team whereas Rohit Sharma is the Vice-Captain. The rumors of tension between the two have intensified over the last few days and looking at the nature of the matter, BCCI decided to intervene. BCCI is trying to help both the individuals to settle the matter in a peaceful manner.

In an effort to do so, BCCI CEO Rahul Johri will fly to the US to meet both the individuals personally. Rahul Johri said that both these individuals have big support groups backing them. Also, when support groups come into the picture, things tend to get a bit messy. He added that Rohit and Virat are mature guys and surely the matter will be resolved in the meeting.

It is speculated that Head Coach Ravi Shastri will also be present on the occasion. Ravi Shastri saw the transition when MS Dhoni passed on the captaincy to Virat Kohli. The coach is likely to mediate the conversation so as to reach a common high-ground. Being the head coach, it is his duty to make them realize the importance of a good atmosphere in the dressing room.

Earlier, it was anticipated that Captain Kohli will not participate in the press conference before leaving for the US. But now it has been confirmed that Virat Kohli will indeed be present to address the media’s questions. The Indian Cricket Team will head over to the West Indies from the US for playing the one-day and test games. The two T20 matches will be played on 3rd and 4th August in Florida.

The Indian team will leave for the US on Monday and captain Kohli will take questions from the media in a Mumbai hotel. It is not clear as to what caused the rift between the two players. It will be interesting to see what questions media has for Virat Kohli and how he responds to any questions about Rohit Sharma. The BCCI is hoping to resolve the matter at the earliest so that it doesn’t affect the team’s morale right before the tour.