Citizen Amendment Bill Passed In Rajya Sabha Too: A Great Victory for Non Muslim Refugees

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Thanks to the Modi government for becoming the voice of the non-Muslim refugees, today in true sense they got independence.

On Wednesday (11.12.2019), after a long discussion in the Rajya Sabha, the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 got a clean chit in the Rajya Sabha. Members voting in favor of the bill were 125 and the members voting against the bill were 105.

Earlier Union Home Minister Amit Shah took this debatable Bill in the Upper House, in Lok Sabha, which got clearance with a great margin, the votes in favor were 311 and against members were 80. He also tried to solve all the queries of the Opposition’s allegation who called this Bill as the anti-Muslim, saying that the Bill will have no repercussion on Indian Muslims.

But congress temporary chief Sonia Gandhi called this day as a dark day in the Constitutional history of India. She said the clearance of the CAB shows the victory of narrow-minded and intolerant forces over India’s pluralism. Bill fundamentally challenges the idea of India.

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal, in reply to Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement that no Muslim needs to worry over Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019, said that no Indian Muslim is scared of the current government. “You made a very objectionable statement earlier. Which Muslim fears you? No Indian Muslim fears from you. Neither I nor any other citizen of the country is scared of you. We fear only from the Constitution of the country.

Congress leader P Chidambaram criticized the government, Speaking for the first time in the Parliament after coming out of Tihar Jail, in Rajya Sabha said this bill is just pushing the the ‘Hindutva’ agenda. He also said the elected representatives of the Rajya Sabha, are troubling the other three pillars (Legislature, Executive and Judiciary) of the Constitution by giving their acceptance for this Bill.

After lots of ups and downs finally, the bill was passed in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday approved the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, completed the legislative procedure for giving Indian citizenship to non-Muslim migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

“Non-Muslim Refugees Will Now Breathe Fearlessly In Their Own Nation”

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