Man Orders iPhone 11 Pro, Received an Android Phone with Camera Sticker

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India currently comes under a developing country and trying to reach the level of a developed country. No doubt each one of us loves growing may be at any of the platforms. But, for keeping such high spirits first of all one should be true, sincere, truthful, smart, hard-working, respectful, disciplined and above all a healthy mindset. If each one of us is full of the above qualities then nobody can stop us from transforming our nation into a developed country.

In fact, most of the people lack these qualities and this is the reason we are not able to reach the target. People are becoming aggressive; do not respect themselves or their surroundings in which they live. They are becoming indiscipline and failing in their ethics and morality.

All the above factors if not taken seriously then obviously it will affect the Healthy growth in the society, many kinds of misunderstandings arise and thereafter gets a tag, according to the situation one had come across. Everyone should work with a cool and calm mind then all the things will fall in the right place at the right time.

The entire above information relates to a very recent incident with a man living in Bengaluru. We know that many e-commerce websites are coming up and we also love to be more digitized and never want to waste time fetching things after spending hours in the market when we can get the same things at much cheaper rates than the market price that too sitting at home.

There are many famous sites that are dispatching the company’s product at a much cheaper rate to the customers directly sitting at home. But it is also observed in the past that the companies had also been charged for delivering counterfeit products. Many people over the years have complained about receiving the wrong products or being cheated of money, especially when they ordered a brand new phone. There was recently an addition in the list of disappointed customers of Flipkart. There also happened an incident in the past when a person from Mumbai found a packet of Parle Ji in the box of Motorola‘s phone.

❍ A man in Bengaluru ordered an iPhone 11 Pro from Flipkart but he received a fake phone in place of the original. 

International Business Times reported that Bengaluru-based engineer Rajani Kant Kushwah ordered a 64GB variant of the iPhone 11 Pro on Flipkart. He had made the entire payment of Rs 93,900 online in advance.

However, he was shocked to receive a fake iPhone with a sticker of iPhone11 Pro triple camera setup pasted on the phone’s back in place of original iPhone 11 Pro which he had ordered.

The counterfeit phone had the entire rear camera module and the camera lenses highlighted by a silver lining whereas, in real iPhone 11 Pro, the rear camera module smoothly blends with the phone’s back.

The engineer claimed that the phone that he received did not even run on iOS. He said it had android apps mixed along with it.

After being deceived by the product, Kushwah immediately contacted Flipkart and was assured that his phone would be replaced soon.

E-commerce websites should make a practice to go through products thoroughly with authenticity tests before dispatching it and not put customers in a situation of distress.  It might be possible that nothing was done intentionally; everything could be due to negligence at some of the other levels. This is what it is said at the beginning of the article that one should work with a cool & calm mind with sincerity.

But, on the other hand, if it was intentional then the customers should not be cheated, because through end users only the market develops and if once the customer gives a tag of the fake company then naturally, many end-users will avoid purchasing online products from that same company. So, these small things make a big shape.

“People need to transform themselves before transforming the nation”

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