Threat of E-Cigarettes: Michigan Teen Gets Double Lung Transplant

cigarette lung transplant

There is a severe threat of E-Cigarettes. A current incident took place in Michigan, the US, a boy of 17-year-old had damaged his lungs and were facing “imminent death” from vaping injuries, and he had undergone a double lung transplant. This was the first incident that was observed in a patient suffering from the effects of e-cigarettes, said by a Detroit hospital on Tuesday (14.11.2019).

It was just a matter of chance that a day before this case, President Donald Trump had already said he would be meeting with industry representatives as his administration would like to impose new regulations accompanied by a nationwide outbreak of vaping-related illness and deaths. The Lung Transplant announcement by Henry Ford Hospital came into light a day after President’s declaration.

This teenager might have faced imminent death if his lung would not have been transplanted said by Dr. Hassan Nemeh, surgical director of thoracic organ transplant at Henry Ford Hospital.

The Family members of the boy had asked doctors to bring this into the notice of public the “horrific life-threatening effects” of vaping. These ill habits change their lives forever and could also take one’s life. The boy is now facing a typical new life to waking up with all tubes around and with two new lungs, facing a long and painful recovery process, struggling to regain his strength and mobility. This 16-year old boy was an athlete and used to live a perfectly healthy life.

Trump very soon will be meeting with vaping industry officials

On Thursday (16.11.2019), the CDC reported there had been 2,051 confirmed lung injury cases and 39 deaths associated with e-cigarettes or vaping products in the US.

Approximately 85 percent of lung injury patients in the nationwide outbreak has been reported using products containing THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the substance in marijuana that makes people in high alert, although the case for the Michigan patient was not clear if that was the case with him.

On Friday (17.11.2019), the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said that lung samples taken from 29 patients with vaping-related injuries suggested that all contained Vitamin E acetate, a discovery they call as a “breakthrough” in the investigation.

However, the Michigan boy was admitted to St. John’s Hospital in Detroit on September 5, 2019, with the symptoms of pneumonia and was provided with artificial respiration a week later as his ability to breathe worsened, doctors at Henry Ford said.

Later he was shifted at Henry Ford on October 3 critically ill and suffering from severe lung damage, doctors had no option and decided to go for a transplant, which was performed on October 15.

The young patient was given a “very good diagnosis,” Henry Ford said, but he has to face a long recovery.

“Don’t Ever Get Involved In Unhealthy Habits, Respect Life and Prefer A Good Lifestyle”

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